Ask Bahrain App End User License Agreement

This End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) is between you and Ask Bahrain and governs use of this app made available through the Apple App Store. By installing the Ask Bahrain App, you agree to be bound by this Agreement and understand that there is no tolerance for objectionable content. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you are not entitled to use the Ask Bahrain App.

In order to ensure Ask Bahrain provides the best experience possible for everyone, we strongly enforce a no tolerance policy for objectionable content. If you see inappropriate content, please use the “Report as offensive” feature found under each post.

1. Parties

This Agreement is between you and Ask Bahrain only, and not Apple, Inc. (“Apple”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you acknowledge that Apple and its subsidiaries are third party beneficiaries of this Agreement and Apple has the right to enforce this Agreement against you. Ask Bahrain, not Apple, is solely responsible for the Ask Bahrain App and its content.

2. Privacy

Ask Bahrain may collect and use information about your usage of the Ask Bahrain App, including certain types of information from and about your device. Ask Bahrain may use this information, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you, to measure the use and performance of the Ask Bahrain App.

3. Limited License

Ask Bahrain grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the Ask Bahrain App for your personal, non-commercial purposes. You may only use the Ask Bahrain App on Apple devices that you own or control and as permitted by the App Store Terms of Service.

4. Age Restrictions

By using the Ask Bahrain App, you represent and warrant that (a) you are 17 years of age or older and you agree to be bound by this Agreement; (b) if you are under 17 years of age, you have obtained verifiable consent from a parent or legal guardian; and (c) your use of the Ask Bahrain App does not violate any applicable law or regulation. Your access to the Ask Bahrain App may be terminated without warning if Ask Bahrain believes, in its sole discretion, that you are under the age of 17 years and have not obtained verifiable consent from a parent or legal guardian. If you are a parent or legal guardian and you provide your consent to your child’s use of the Ask Bahrain App, you agree to be bound by this Agreement in respect to your child’s use of the Ask Bahrain App.

5. Objectionable Content Policy

Objectional content can be reported to Ask Bahrain, who will moderate all content and ultimately decide whether or not to post a submission to the extent such content includes, is in conjunction with, or alongside any, Objectionable Content. Objectionable Content includes, but is not limited to: (i) sexually explicit materials; (ii) obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, violent and/or unlawful content or profanity; (iii) content that infringes upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary right, or that is deceptive or fraudulent; (iv) content that promotes the use or sale of illegal or regulated substances, tobacco products, ammunition and/or firearms; and (v) gambling, including without limitation, any online casino, sports books, bingo or poker.

6. Warranty

Ask Bahrain disclaims all warranties about the Ask Bahrain App to the fullest extent permitted by law. To the extent any warranty exists under law that cannot be disclaimed, Ask Bahrain, not Apple, shall be solely responsible for such warranty.

7. Maintenance and Support

Ask Bahrain does provide minimal maintenance or support for it but not to the extent that any maintenance or support is required by applicable law, Ask Bahrain, not Apple, shall be obligated to furnish any such maintenance or support.

8. Product Claims

Ask Bahrain, not Apple, is responsible for addressing any claims by you relating to the Ask Bahrain App or use of it, including, but not limited to: (i) any product liability claim; (ii) any claim that the Ask Bahrain App fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement; and (iii) any claim arising under consumer protection or similar legislation. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed an admission that you may have such claims.

9. Third Party Intellectual Property Claims

Ask Bahrain shall not be obligated to indemnify or defend you with respect to any third party claim arising out or relating to the Ask Bahrain App. To the extent Ask Bahrain is required to provide indemnification by applicable law, Ask Bahrain, not Apple, shall be solely responsible for the investigation, defense, settlement and discharge of any claim that the Ask Bahrain App or your use of it infringes any third party intellectual property right.



1. Introduction

This is the privacy policy of askbahrain Limited and any companies within our group (referred to collectively as “”askbahrain””). It applies to all of our websites/services (referred to collectively as “”our websites””) on which it appears.

“”Askbahrain Product(s)”” is used as shorthand for our online applications including all askbahrain. The ongoing supply of any particular askbahrain Product is not guaranteed.

“”Personally Identifiable Information”” is information that identifies you and can be used to contact or locate you in real life, such as your real full name, e-mail address, mobile telephone number, postal address or credit card information.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and take special measures to ensure the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information collected from or about you. This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use such Personally Identifiable Information.

Please read this policy carefully. You must accept this policy in full in order to use our website or any askbahrain Product. If you do not agree with this policy, or any part, please do not use our websites or any askbahrain Products. Your using any of our websites or askbahrain Products is treated as an acceptance of the version of this policy in effect at the time of your use.

We may change this policy at any time, and will post any changes made on the site. Please check it whenever you return to the site. We will treat your continued use of our websites or any askbahrain Product as acceptance of these changes from their effective date as shown above.

Do not use our websites or askbahrain Products until you are satisfied and can accept this policy in its entirety.

2. What Personally Identifiable Information do we collect and store?

We collect and store information which our users voluntarily provide via forms or otherwise on our askbahrain Products, and in electronic or other communications with us. You may opt-out of providing any such information by simply choosing not to complete the form requesting the information, and hence choosing not to use that particular service.

3. What other information is collected and stored?

We use Cookies, collect and store IP-addresses, alphanumeric IDs and other unique identifiers in order to identify specific devices that access the askbahrain Products. We identify and store the versions of Java and .NET (if any) on your computer along with your browser and operating system, and details of your device’s hardware and software specifications.

For more information about Cookies, the information they collect and how to disable them, please visit our Cookies page.

We generate and store logs indicating usage of the askbahrain Products such as activity in our games and public and private chat communications. This includes monitoring play patterns and anti-tamper checks which verify the correct internal operation of our software and are designed to spot abusive or inappropriate activities.

We may track your use of certain features and areas of the askbahrain Products to help us improve them.

We store ‘App settings’ information to enable us to provide a better games service in which your activities and achievements are remembered in the game, and we conduct polls to find better ways of serving the needs of our users.

4. Information about you received from third parties

If you access Askbahrains Products through an integrated and approved third party then you are allowing Askbahrain access to certain information from that third party. The information you allow Askbahrain to access may vary per Askbahrain Product and across different third party platforms and is affected by the privacy settings you have on your computer or internet device and the choices you make with that third party.

By playing a Askbahrain Product through a third party site or application you are authorizing Askbahrain to collect, store and use in accordance with this Privacy Policy any and all information that you agreed the third party could provide to Askbahrain through that third party site or application including Personally Identifiable Information.

5. What happens to the information provided/collected?

The information we collect may be used:

i. To provide our customer support service, and to verify any claims or requests you make if you use our customer support service.

ii. To enforce our terms and conditions, and prevent or detect hacking activities, security breaches or safety risks in connection with our websites and Askbahrain Products.

iii. To send service announcements and messages.

iv. To aggregate information to generate anonymous statistics regarding use of the Askbahrain Products. We may share this anonymous information with our partners and advertisers. This is not linked to any Personally Identifiable Information.

v. For our own internal marketing and demographic studies and to help us improve our websites or the Askbahrain Products or to show you adverts on our site which are relevant to your demographic profile.

vi. In the event of an actual or proposed (including as part of negotiations for any) merger, or business combination or sale of substantially all of our assets or a business operation to which such information relates, or as provided under bankruptcy or applicable insolvency laws or by the enforcement of equitable rights.

vii. To disclose information to the extent required by law, court order, as requested by other government, regulatory or law enforcement authority, to protect or assist in protecting our users, systems or the public, or to otherwise enforce legal rights as determined in our sole and absolute discretion.

viii. If you have agreed on our websites, to send you email newsletters about our games, including new game features and special offers.

ix. As set out elsewhere in our privacy policy.

We care about protecting your privacy, and with the exception of the uses specified above or where you explicitly consent, we will not sell, transfer, rent out, share or disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to other companies.

6. Passing your personal information to third parties

TWe may supply your Personally Identifiable Information to external third parties who provide a service to us (such as fulfilment of orders placed for Askbahrain Product merchandise or to assist us in the supply of customer support) and purely for the purpose of that service.

We partner with a number of external payment service provider companies to enable you to make payment via a wide range of payment options. We share your billing information with such companies insofar as is necessary for the processing of your payment or to prevent or detect fraud. These companies have agreed not to retain, share, store or use your Personally Identifiable Information which we pass to them for any secondary purposes.

Your personal information may be transferred to, stored and processed in countries outside your country of residence both in and outside China, and used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

You should be aware that the data protection laws of other countries may not be the same as the data protection laws of your country of residence. By submitting your personal information to Askbahrain, you agree to the transfer, storage and processing of your personal information as described in this section.

Please note that this privacy policy does not apply to any of your Personally Identifiable Information which is collected by the external payment provider companies themselves or to the websites or services of other companies to which we link or which link to us, or which provide goods or services to our users from their websites (such as affiliate sites or other sites selling Askbahrain Product merchandise). Please note that those companies (and not Askbahrain) are responsible for the information which they collect. Please check their privacy polices where appropriate.

We use external companies to provide and serve advertisements or other technologies on the AskbahrainProducts (eg to collect website statistics or to enable sharing of buttons or widgets). These companies may use information (not including Personally Identifiable Information) about your visits to this and other websites in order to personalize advertisements on this site or other sites and/or to personalize certain features on our site and/or to provide anonymized aggregated statistics concerning use of our site or use of certain features on our site which are shared with other sites (eg buttons or widgets linking to our site). We do not have access to or control over cookies or other technologies that these third parties may use and the information practices of these advertisers and technology companies are not covered by this policy.

Furthermore, information collected from our users by third parties providing goods or services (including advertisements) at or via the AskbahrainProducts may be shared by those third parties with us and stored by us for the purposes stated in this policy.

Be very careful before making or posting any communications whilst using Askbahrain Products. Certain information is visible to other players of the game including: public and private chat communications, the status of your characters and which alliance you belong to. We may share Game Data with third parties, such as survey and data analysis companies, to help improve the products and services we offer to our players and improve the player experience. “”Game Data”” includes, but is not limited to, communications posted on AskbahrainProducts and player communications. Game Data may contain Personally Identifiable Information.

If you have agreed on our websites, we may provide your email address to our business partners so that they can send you emails with details of goods or services which may be of interest to you including information about special offers or promotions.

7. Safeguarding your Personally Identifiable Information

We will only collect Personally Identifiable Information to the extent we believe it reasonably necessary to serve our legitimate business purposes, and will protect it using the same level of safeguards we use to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of our own equivalent proprietary information. In addition, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties to whom we transfer any Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with this policy will agree to provide sufficient protection.

Note that while we strive to protect all our Personally Identifiable Information, we have all heard of data breaches in well-respected financial and governmental institutions and we cannot ever fully guarantee that such breaches will not happen. We will inform you of any material data breaches that we discover that may compromise your Personally Identifiable Information.

There is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users who shall be reported to the concerned authorities.


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