Traditional Dance

What is Bahrain’s Traditional Dance called?

I see men on t.v. holding their rifles and dancing, what is this all about?

And the women?

  1. mohd redha says:
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    Ardha (Arabic: العرضة‎) is a type of folkloric dance performed by the Bedouin tribes of the Arabian peninsula, especially the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. It was traditionally performed before going to war, but nowadays is performed at celebrations or cultural events, such as the Jenadriyah festival. The dance, which is performed by men carrying swords or canes, is accompanied by drums and spoken verse.


  2. Nadiuska says:
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    The Ardha is a man’s sword dance, which is accompanied by traditional drummers and a poet, who sings the lyrics.

    Fann at-tanbura is a traditional music and dance genre in the Persian Gulf Arab states, especially Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

    Musically, the tanbura instrument plays a central role, along with several drums and the manjur — an instrument made of several goat hooves wrapped around the waist of the performer. Men and women both participate in the singing and dance. Fann At-Tanbura is closely associated with the Zar spiritual ritual, and it was originally used in healing practices. Participants would occasionally
    fall into a trance. In modern times though it is more often a musical performance.

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